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Dependall offers over 75 spaces at our site in Castleford. Choosing a safe place for parking for trucks is an essential thing for all lorry drivers/transportation companies. 

Discover Your Ideal Pit Stop with SNAP Parking for Trucks

Calling all truckers! Get ready for the ultimate pit stop experience with SNAP Parking, your trusted partner in providing secure and hassle-free overnight parking for HGV drivers. Our Castleford location in Yorkshire have been chosen to cater to your needs, offering not just parking for trucks but a haven for a well-deserved break.

We’ve carefully selected our Castleford site in Yorkshire with you in mind. This location goes beyond merely providing parking spaces – they’re designed to be your sanctuary for a much-needed break.

Key Points:

  1. Secure Spaces: We’ve got your back with a 24/7 manned security gatehouse, a night watchman, and top-notch CCTV surveillance. Rest easy knowing your rig is in safe hands.
  2. Strategic Hotspots: Castleford, with 75 parking spaces, sits right at J31 of the M62. Perfect for those who want to keep things rolling without unnecessary detours.
  3. Faster Routes, Less Fuel: Hit the road faster! Our locations near major routes like the M1, M62, M18, and A1 help you cut transit times, reduce fuel consumption, and leave a lighter environmental footprint.
  4. Driver-Friendly Amenities: Need a quick refresh? Our truck stops are equipped with everything you need, from clean toilets and showers, hot drinks available 24/7 to WiFi. Plus, we’re close to grub hubs and fuel stations, making your stop convenient and efficient.
  5. SNAP Account Advantages: Sign up for a SNAP account and lock in your parking spot in advance. No more searching for a safe spot – with SNAP Parking, your rest is guaranteed. We get the challenges of long shifts, and we’re here to make sure you’ve got a reliable and secure place to recharge.

Check out one of our SNAP Parking reviews below.

SNAP Parking
SNAP Parking

To snag your parking space, search ‘Dependall’ on the SNAP Parking app using location code ‘13277’ for Castleford. SNAP Parking is all about making life easier for truckers, providing a secure and driver-focused pit stop experience.

Your journey just got a whole lot smoother!

Michael Wood

Michael Wood

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