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Make The Best Impression

Final mile delivery and distribution services are key aspects of the logistics supply chain that can enhance your operations, customer experience, customer service and satisfaction.

Our white glove delivery service is all about going beyond delivery. We take great pride in the services we provide to our clients and aim to give customers the best experience, from start to finish.

Our specialist team takes the time to understand your needs, from the strategic level right down to the finer details, to ensure all your requirements are taken care of and leaving you able to focus on your core offerings, while leaving the complex logistics of last-mile delivery to us.

Working With You

As a Dependall customer, you will benefit from our background in a host of industries, including healthcare, giving us extensive expertise and the precision knowledge necessary for delivering goods at an unparalleled level. We work quickly and effectively to strict deadlines as well as flexibly with the progress stage of each project.

If you are an interior designer or a design and build contractor, we understand that setbacks are often, unfortunately, part of everyday life for fitting out organisations. That’s why we are always on hand to deliver a white glove delivery service at a time that suits you best – even when delays might occur. We work closely with you to ensure proactivity, staying at least one step ahead in our ability to help you turn everything around in time for building completion.

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Big or Small

Whatever the scope of your white glove delivery needs, our international partner network and far-reaching resources enable us to fulfil your requirements. You can order products at the outset of a project leveraging our warehouse facilities, so your items can be consolidated and stored until dispatch has been confirmed.

In order to meet your white-glove logistics needs, we provide tailored solutions and offer a number of packages scaled to different levels of requirement. These services can include but are not limited to:

  • Product placed in line with the final destination plan
  • Removal of obsolete products where required
  • Full clean down of all delivery areas, products cleaned in full, ready for presentable use
  • Full removal and correct disposal of all generated waste
  • Follow-up functional visit

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