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Sourcing and Procurement

At Dependall, we understand the impact sourcing and procurement can have on your bottom-line performance. We designed our services to prioritise efficiency and sustainability at each point of a supply chain for our clients to feel confident that everything has been taken care of from the operational level right through to the finer strategic details.

We’re well-versed in sourcing and procurement for high-volume products in high demand and in shortages where supply chains have been disrupted or require risk mitigation. Working with clients in the private sector and non-governmental organisations has enabled us to be dynamic in our approach to meet their every need as fast and effectively as we can

High Volume, High Demand

In compromising circumstances that can be unpredictable, time-critical and politically sensitive, Dependall’s agility and rapid response gives us the unique ability to adapt and scale quickly to any changing contexts or the demands of our clients. We are committed to reducing time and costs in logistics so clients can push out more resources quickly for more people in need to receive the benefits sooner. From sourcing raw materials for manufacturers to the procurement of aid packages for critical response, we can provide solutions no matter how complex or technical the requirement may be.

During the initial scoping stage, our team takes great care to understand the specifications of your product, price points, quantities, and destination before identifying ways to make the procurement process more efficient. With sourcing and logistics partners across the globe, our far-reaching resources ensure all projects are seen through regardless of size.

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Our Sourcing & Procurement Services

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Raw Materials

Global Resources

Working with clients in the medical, food, and raw materials industries has given Dependall a wealth of experience in bulk product sourcing. Whether your need is meeting demand or supply chain disruption, our team is on hand to build the best solution for any challenge you could face.

With extensive expertise and far-reaching resources, Dependall meets all the requirements to ensure that the products and services of our clients are received by the right people rapidly with accuracy. Whether we’re sourcing disaster relief or delivering materials directly to your door, our end-to-end procurement process sees our team providing supply chain solutions for each and every stage.

Operating at a global level means we recognise the impact Dependall has on supply chains and feel it is within our corporate responsibility to make a positive difference. We aim to be instrumental in promoting ethical procurement and uphold our strong company values through our decision-making and practices. We’re proud to reflect positively on the reputation of all our clients and partners who place their trust in us and we’re committed to be a force for good in the world we all share.

All assets in our care are registered under our unique inventory management system. As part of our procurement services, we provide clients with regular reports on their stock and live asset tracking is available while products are in our storage facilities and on the road. Our streamlined design reduces opportunities for human error, is better able to record accurately for audits and improves lifecycle management.

Sustainable Sourcing

Our vast experience in sourcing and procurement has seen a side of the industry we’re actively seeking to change for the better. Dependall is working towards a number of tangible goals that support our vision to create a healthier, fairer, and greener world.

For us, sustainable sourcing is an ongoing process that goes hand-in-hand with our growth to ensure we continue to operate based on factors that are socially, ethically, and environmentally conscious. See our environmental sustainability strategy goals below:

● Source 100% of our electricity from renewable energy

● Become a paperless company by December 2022

● Transition to 100% hybrid and electric passenger fleet

● Upskill our staff in sustainability training through ISO 140001

● Divert 50% of waste from landfill and introduce full recycling opportunities

● Flexible working solutions for hybrid office and home working