Business Recycling

Dependall provides business recycling services to our clients as part of our waste logistics solutions. Specialising in supply chain management, we can create closed-loop processes that enable and support reverse logistics. We aim to boost disposal efficiency for our clients and help to minimise their environmental impact.

Our team is well-versed in working with recycling facilities to handle multichannel waste streams, even for unusual or hard-to-recycle items. This includes high volumes of single-use personal protective equipment (PPE) gloves and masks that would be thrown away in their millions every day. By designing bespoke logistics around collecting, consolidating and recycling waste, we can streamline our operations and maximise efficiency.

Minimising Carbon Footprints

During the initial scoping stages, we take time to understand the materials, capacity and location of your waste before developing sustainable and compliant solutions. Our team works closely with our clients to enhance their waste processes and identify any further opportunities for business recycling.

From sourcing suitable recycling facilities nearby to redistributing resources that can be repurposed, we aim to avoid landfills and maximise our recovery of waste. We also plan our movements meticulously to minimise the travel distance required and our carbon footprint.

With access to a growing network of logistic partners and resources spanning the globe, Dependall sees our recycling solutions through on schedule and regardless of their scale. We’re proud to deliver services that cater for all materials with both speed and accuracy.

Our background working in logistics and supply chain management has enabled Dependall to develop a streamlined inventory management system. Our unique design can track assets live in transit and provides highly accurate audit records and regular reporting for our clients. We also frequently supply our system with photos and videos of assets to maximise transparency. With end-to-end recycling capabilities and oversight, our team operates with flexibility and efficiency, ensuring all our clients’ needs have been taken care of.

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Reducing Our Environmental Impact

As an environmentally conscious company, Dependall is working towards a number of tangible goals that support our vision to create a healthier, fairer, and greener world. Our organisation is committed to reducing waste and our environmental impact. The solutions we provide to clients also play a vital role in offsetting their carbon footprints.

See our environmental sustainability strategy goals below:

Source 100% of our electricity from renewable energy

Flexible working solutions for hybrid office and
home working

Transition to 100% hybrid and electric passenger fleet

Upskill our staff in sustainability training through ISO 140001

Divert 50% of waste from landfill and introduce
full recycling opportunities