Supply Chain Shortages

Supply chain shortages can occur due to unforeseen events such as natural disasters and conflict. The number of disruptions like the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit on the rise. With this in mind, we expect to see an increase in supply chain shortages with impacts on operation speed and supplying customer demand.

A combination of factors including issues with capacity or transportation, raw material shortages, or increased demand can also lead to supply chain shortages.

Global Resources

At Dependall, working with governments, NGOs, and blue-chip companies has strengthened our ability to deliver rapid, reliable and flexible services. We can support multiple and complex needs by designing bespoke solutions or frameworks keep our clients’ assets moving to their destination. We work to mitigate risk and respond with intervention measures in stages where supply chain shortages have occurred, minimising disruption for our clients.

Our far-reaching resources and growing network of partners give us the global reach to alleviate supply chain shortages. Additionally, we provide end-to-end services for clients anywhere in the world and regardless of their size. Even in circumstances that can be unpredictable, time-critical and politically sensitive. Dependall’s ability to stay agile and proactive enables it to adapt and scale quickly in response to changing demands or situations, whilst delivering on our client’s every need.

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To learn more about how our bespoke services can help alleviate supply chain shortages for your organisation, get in touch with our team today.

Bespoke Processes

From product sourcing and end-to-end procurement to full-service logistics and supply chain management. The Dependall team will design and implement solutions for supply chain shortages to support our clients in building more resilient and efficient structures.

We’re experts in locating bottlenecks and developing processes that alleviate any stalls, pressure or capacity issues affecting the whole chain. With end-to-end visibility across all our projects, we are able to respond proactively and stay on schedule.

As part of our commitment to taking care of our client’s needs, operating with flexibility and efficiency ensures all stakeholders involved and the end consumer feels satisfied.

Our Services

Dependall can provide solutions that support your organisation in both the event of supply chain shortages and by strengthening structures to mitigate the risk in future. See our list of services below for more information:

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Sourcing & Procurement

Working with clients in the medical, food, and raw materials industries. Dependall is well-versed in high-volume and bulk product sourcing, including during supply chain shortages.

Our team takes great care to understand the specifications of your product and sales parameters. We understand that researching suppliers and providers can be time-consuming. With access to resources and an international network of partners, we do all the legwork for our clients in sourcing the right products at the best cost. We can manage the whole process to ensure products reach their demand seamlessly whilst enabling more resources to be pushed out to those in need.

See Sourcing and Procurement for more information on our capabilities for product sourcing and how we can support your organisation during supply chain shortages.

Factory Internal View

Vendor Management

Dependall adopts a collaborative approach when working with vendors and external teams.

Being involved directly enables us to strengthen our relationships and partner network. It also allows us to eliminate any vendor-related risks that could lead to supply chain shortages. As a result, we can confidently assure our clients their projects are in safe hands.

To find out more about how we work with vendors, get in touch with our team.

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Risk Response

Any project can encounter risks and unexpected events where resources become unavailable or too expensive, for instance. By preparing a risk response, organisations are in a prime position to manage their project and deliver it successfully.

Dependall are specialists in multiple and complex supply chain management. We support our clients in designing supply chain strategies and frameworks to overcome issues like supply chain shortages that could arise. In the event of a risk occurring, our clients are then prepared and equipped with a response process that limits disruption or compromise on their delivery.

For more information on how we can support your organisation with risk response, get in touch with our team.

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Risk Mitigation

The failure to foresee and mitigate risks can have significant consequences on supply chain operations and revenue. Risk response prepares organisations in the event of issues occurring, while risk mitigation involves the strategic steps seeking to manage them before they arise. The global Covid-19 pandemic bore witness to the level of disruption and supply chain shortages that can be caused as a result of weak structures and the inflexibility of processes. Dependall is well-versed in identifying issues and designing solutions that seek to mitigate posed risks and strengthen the overall supply chain. Our experience in critical response has equipped us in managing known and unknown risks even in the most compromising of circumstances to deliver on our projects successfully and on time. To learn more about our risk mitigation services, contact our team to discuss how we can support your organisation in supply chain shortages.

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Product Substitution

Supply chain shortages can create considerable delays for customers to receive their orders. Implementing a product substitution strategy into inventory management systems can be an effective solution to reducing customer waiting time.

Where the product ordered is out of stock and one functionally identical is available, a substitution can be offered. This proactive approach enables Dependall’s clients to preserve their margins, improves inventory management and results in greater customer satisfaction.

To find out more about our product substitution services, get in touch with our team to discuss how we can support your organisation with supply chain shortages.

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Risk Response

Dependall has designed a unique inventory management system that provides our clients with regular reports on their stock and keeps track of supplier performance. Live asset tracking is also available for products on the road and in our storage facilities.

The streamlined system reduces opportunities for human error, is better able to record accurately for audits and improves lifecycle management. Our team responsible for managing the data are able to carefully monitor patterns for changes and predictions so we can respond appropriately. This level of analysis and oversight enables Dependall to prepare for unexpected events like demand shocks and avoid disruptions or supply chain shortages.

For more information on our inventory management services, contact our team to discuss how we can support your organisation.