SNAP Parking


Choosing a safe place to park is an essential thing for all lorry drivers/transportation companies. Dependall are offering lorry and depot parking spaces on our site with a total of 25 spaces at our Castleford site, and 50 spaces at Swinton.

As a SNAP Parking partner, we offer overnight parking facilities for HGV drivers to get some shut-eye and be completely safe and undisturbed. Our sites are fully secure with a 24/7 manned security gatehouse, night watchman and CCTV.

Located in Yorkshire, the primely located Castleford and Swinton overnight parking stops offer easy access to the M1, M62, M18 and A1, making them an ideal stopping point for lorry drivers who need to rest or park up before continuing their journey. In addition, the proximity to the Hull ferry port provides a convenient stopover point for drivers who are travelling to and from Europe.

Our Castleford location boasts 25 parking spaces that are conveniently situated at J31 of the M62, just a short distance away from the M1/M62 interchange. Similarly, the Swinton depot is positioned centrally among the M1, M18, and A1 highways, providing 50 parking spaces. As both of our locations are close to the main routes, drivers can minimise transit times, fuel consumption and environmental impact.  

Both of our truck stops are equipped with various amenities, such as toilets, showers, and WiFi, and are close to food and drink outlets, and fuel stops.

By signing up for a SNAP account, you can pre-book at our site and guarantee yourself a parking space. We prioritise the safety and well-being of HGV drivers and understand the importance of having a reliable and secure parking space for them to rest during their long shifts.

Search ‘Dependall’ on the SNAP Parking app, our location codes are ‘13277’ for Castleford and ‘13336’ for Swinton

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