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Dependall 3PL Fulfilment Services For Small Businesses In The UK

Welcome to our blog exploring Fulfilment Services for Small Businesses in the UK. Dive into valuable insights on how tailored fulfilment solutions can empower and elevate the operations of small businesses in the UK. Discover the key strategies to enhance efficiency, optimise costs, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

What exactly is order fulfilment in supply chain management, and how does it work?

Order fulfilment is a process in supply chain management where we receive, process, and deliver customer orders. The process begins when a customer places an order, and it concludes when they receive their items. Additionally, if a customer wishes to return a product, order fulfilment also addresses that aspect.

Here are the five steps in order fulfilment:

  1. Receiving Inventory Shipments: We get the products we need.
  2. Inventory Storage: We organise and keep the products in a place where they’re easy to find.
  3. Order Processing: We prepare and check the orders to make sure everything is correct.
  4. Shipping: We send the orders to customers on time.
  5. Returns Processing: If a customer wants to return something, we manage that process too.

Order fulfilment can be complex and expensive. On one hand, some companies manage it internally, while on the other hand, others opt to enlist the services of a logistics company like ours to handle this process.

Fulfilment services to help UK small businesses scale up

When you’re receiving 1,000 orders per month, we can help you:

  • Save time on pick and pack, and money on storage and shipping
  • Improve customer service through fast, accurate delivery and returns
  • Scale your business to meet growing demand.

Now, let’s talk about the different types of order fulfilment for small businesses:

  1. Outsourced Order Fulfilment: Another company, like a logistics company, handles everything – receiving products, storing them, and delivering them to customers.
  2. In-House Order Fulfilment: A company uses its own people to manage everything, from storing products to shipping them. This is good for big companies that want full control.
  3. Dropshipping: The retailer doesn’t keep products in stock. When someone buys something, the retailer buys it from another company that sends it directly to the customer. This is common for online shops.
  4. Hybrid Fulfilment: A mix of the above types. For example, a company may handle some orders in-house and use another company for the rest.

Why is order fulfilment important?

Today, customers expect fast and on-time deliveries. If the fulfilment process is slow or unreliable, it can hurt a business. Stats show that many customers won’t shop again after a bad delivery experience.

Different order fulfilment options affect how customers buy. Offering various delivery choices lets customers pick what works for them. Not having good options can make customers abandon their shopping carts.

To be competitive, it’s crucial to meet customer expectations for quick delivery and easy returns. Optimising order fulfilment can help:

  • Lower Shipping Costs
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Expand Customer Base Globally
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Focus More on Selling

However, order fulfilment comes with challenges. Businesses can struggle with inventory management, understanding customer demand, planning shipping logistics, and making sure the supply chain runs smoothly.

Here are some things uk small businesses can do to improve order fulfilment:

  1. Choose the Right Fulfilment Model: Pick a way of doing things that fits your business and products.
  2. Use Data to Make Decisions: Use real-time information to know what products you have and what customers want.
  3. Communicate Clearly: Be open with customers about when they’ll get their orders and how returns work.
  4. Use Automation: Use technology to make order fulfilment faster and more accurately.

Final Thoughts About Fulfilment Services for Small Businesses UK 

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to do order fulfilment. Whether you do it yourself, hire someone else, or use a mix, the goal is to make sure customers are happy and your business does well.

Interested in a solution that fits your needs ?  get in touch with us today.

Martyna Bachurek

Martyna Bachurek

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