You Can Do It, With Dependall

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In today’s competitive business environment, successful companies rely on the efficient storage and distribution of products to ensure seamless operation and customer satisfaction. 

B&Q operates 359 stores with more than 40,000 products available. In such a fast-moving and competitive market, ensuring that warehouse operations can efficiently support all retail stores and online sales is vital.

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Dependall have supported B&Q’s supply chain and logistics challenges, by providing storage for over 15,000 pallets, with the flexibility to scale up and down throughout seasons fluctuations. Warehousing management system to provide real-time information and detailed inventory management contributing to the short and long-term goals of cost efficiency, customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. 

B&Q’s logistics operations have also been supported by Dependall, by providing container de-stuffing, pallet supply and pallet building to further streamline and improve efficiencies.

• 15,000 Pallets Stored
• Container Destuffing
• Pallet Building
• Pallet Supply
• Flexible Increase for Seasonal Peaks

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