‘Think Big’ with the NHS

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Following the decommissioning of the Nightingale Hospitals, Dependall have been tasked with redistributing and repurposing over 150,000 excess assets from the programme back into NHS Trusts. The ‘Think Big’ project, see’s NHS Trusts aim to tackle the NHS backlog and bring diagnostic services closer to the community, the first trust to launch this initiative was University Hospitals Dorset, with their new community diagnostic facility in Poole’s Dolphin Centre.  

NHS Think Big

Partnering with Dependall, the new facility was kitted out with 70% of registered equipment coming from decommissioned Nightingale projects. The Dorset team used the bespoke web portal created by the Dependall team, that allows any NHS Trust to see every stock item available, making it seamless to view and select the correct items.  

Along with supplying a range of registered NHS assets, the team also sourced and procured the rest of the equipment provided.  As a result, a redundant department store was transformed into a working, functioning clinic in a matter of weeks. The 20,000sq ft facility will cover dermatology, breast screening, ophthalmology and musco-skeletal services, with the hope it will allow thousands of hospital patients to be seen and treated quicker. 

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