Dependall provides warehousing services to large organisations across the UK as part of our 3PL and 4PL solutions. We deliver a wide range of bespoke solutions both reliably and rapidly for governmental and non-governmental organisations and our nation’s blue-chip companies. Our personalised and flexible approach assures clients that each of their needs will be taken care of, however complex and technical.

Our warehouse facilities boast a combined storage capacity of 700,000 sq. ft, space for more than 60,000 pallets, a varied range of high and low bay racking, and over 500,000 sq. ft of yard space. Container ramps and low-profile forklifts are amongst the equipment we have available on-site to assist with unloading and reloading containers quickly and efficiently before storing them. Dependall can also hold non-standard items or unusual-shaped goods for clients under a flexible payment process to reflect the space they use.

Global Network

With access to wide-reaching resources and a growing network of partners that span the globe, Dependall can confidently ensure our project scopes are always seen through, no matter their scale or complexity. We have capabilities to store, process and prepare orders and deliver products to their final destination for our clients.

As part of our warehouse services, we include 24-hour on-site security with regular patrols and specialist storage that is temperature-controlled to ensure each product is held safely and in optimal conditions whilst it remains under our roof.

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Streamlined Processes

All products held in our warehouse facilities are registered under our inventory management system with a unique number description and SKU code. Our streamlined design reduces the level of processing and paperwork required, whilst minimising room for human error. This level of visibility ensures our audit records and reporting are highly accurate and up-to-date for our clients to directly access their stock and identify opportunities for improving lifecycle management.

Dependall has a dedicated team to look after the data, providing regular reports to clients and monitoring for any patterns of change. This enables Dependall to respond rapidly and mitigate any potential impact of disruptions in demand or the supply chain for our clients.

From the warehousing to final mile delivery, Dependall also provides live asset tracking in our storage facilities and for products on the road so our clients can keep up to speed at the same rate we move.

Our Services

Currently operating at two bases in the north of England, our warehouse sites are primely located near the main UK road network, well-suited for delivering inbound and outbound logistics


As the larger of our two sites, our Castleford warehouse provides significant space for pallet racking and loose bulk product storage and its design supports computerised order picking and various pallet handling solutions. With the additional supporting office space and external capacity, this warehouse facility is ideal for fast product turnaround and cross-docking opportunities.

● 35,000 Pallets of High & Low Bay Racking
● Various Racking Configurations & Pallet Storage
● Internal Floor Space & External Capacity
● 24/7 Fully Secure Site
● Fully Protected by Warehouse Sprinkler System

To find out more about our Castleford warehouse, get in touch with our team to discuss how we can customise options to support your needs


Our Rotherham warehouse has internal and external space and offers an extensive variety of high and low bay storage across a range of 1.3m, 1.5m and 1.7m height capacity. This level of flexibility allows our team to customise solutions that optimise the warehouse facility in catering to the different needs of our clients.

● 25,000 Pallets of High & Low Bay Racking
● Various Racking Configurations & Pallet Storage
● Internal Floor Space & External Capacity
● 24/7 Fully Secure Site

For more information about our Rotherham warehouse, contact our team to discuss how we can customise options to support your organisation. To understand more about our warehouse services and how we can support your product fulfilment needs, get in touch with our team today.