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Dependall are a UK 3 PL provider with years of experience shipping and collecting goods locally and nationally from our hubs in Yorkshire, offering bespoke solutions that cater to all your storage and logistics needs.

We are proud of our roots as a family-owned business and today offer a range of services. Our company is built on a promise of providing a reliable, flexible, competitively priced service that fills customers with the confidence that they have found a long-term logistics partner.

Our Services

Coordinating cross-docking activities require a high degree of visibility of assets to ensure efficient and accurate movement of both goods, equipment, and people.

Our solutions help ensure that the right shipments are put on the right container in the right order!

Talk to us about our safe and secure warehouse storage space in either of our 2 distribution centres: Castleford or Rotherham. We can cater for heavy industry goods that are often too large to palletise, as well as smaller manageable goods that can be stored on conventional racking.

We have affordable warehouse storage space available immediately and a variety of lifting and handling equipment to transport heavy and difficult loads.

Across our 2 sites we have over 500,000 sq.ft of available hard standing yard space – with plenty of turning and manoeuvring space as well as easy access from the motorway network.

Both locations are ideal for static containers from your typical 20ft, 40 ft, containers to common Euro boxes, designed for transportation of Euro pallets. Both with 24/7 surveillance, controlled fencing, and 24 hour CCTV.

We also specialise in pallet reconfigurations. Often many overseas shipments come in many different sized items, bulky, awkwardly shaped goods or larger containers that are not suitable for standard UK racking configurations, so the pallets need to be reconfigured to fit UK specific racking spaces.  

We split down the pallets and secure the pallet with shrink-wrap packaging and strap banding which prevents the movement of palletised goods.

Companies that integrate custom product packaging and warehouse operations can save as much as 30% off their combined warehousing, packaging, and transportation costs with reduced freight costs, lower inventory carrying costs, reduced labour costs and damage.

We can help you with all your co-packing needs.

Our 2 prime locations with easy access from the UK motorway network are ideal stopping points for containers that need swapping or moved.

We can provide safe and clear space, to ensure no accidents or dangerous situations occur for your drivers of large goods vehicles (LGVs) to allow for safe coupling and parking.

Container de-stuffing requires a lot of pre-planning and careful organisation, particularly when dealing with many different sized items or bulky, awkwardly shaped goods.

If goods are coming in from manufacturers overseas, it is likely that there will be a huge need for organised and efficient container de-stuffing, as well as methodically reloading the goods onto pallets for easy distribution throughout the UK.

With our warehouse inventory management system, it makes audits easy with accurate records, better reporting for making those all-important informed decisions as well as improved lifecycle management, due to reducing human error.

Our asset track system gives you full visibility and transparency of all products at any given time to aid traceability and product recall.

We provide a clean, hard standing surface for vehicles to be sighted, whether overnight to much longer, which is secure and safe. Monitored by our 24-hour CCTV security system, fenced with gate access and available with flexible terms – short and long-term storage available.

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Our Clients

A range of clients work with Dependall to handle their complex and varied logistics needs. We work with retail clients like TK Maxx and B&Q, as well as Amazon and DHL. We are also proud to work closely with healthcare organisations like the NHS and Innova Care Concepts to ensure that their goods are stored and serviced correctly to help maintain their patients’ quality of life.