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Dependall: Handling all your logistics and storage needs every step of the way.

For all your logistics & storage needs

At Dependall, we work with large organisations all over the UK to manage the transportation, storage, and distribution of their assets.

Our warehouse operation with over 700,000 sq ft. across to primely located sites (Castleford & Rotherham) offers great flexibility for pallet racked and bulked storage space, computerised order picking and various pallet handling solutions – customised to suit your requirements.

These superb facilities boast racking configurations varying from 1.3m, 1.5m, 1.6m & 1.7m across both High Bay and Low Bay as well as internal floor space and external yard opportunities. Each site also has supporting office space if so required. The warehouse is fully protected by 24/7 on site security.

All your storage & logistic needs

Our Clients

A range of clients work with Dependall to handle their complex and varied logistics needs. We work with retail clients like TK Maxx and B&Q, as well as Amazon and DHL. We are also proud to work closely with healthcare organisations like the NHS and Innova Care Concepts to ensure that their goods are stored and serviced correctly to help maintain their patients’ quality of life.

The UK's Storage & Logistics Partner

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Our services

With 700,000² feet of storage available and security on-site 24 hours a day, we can take good care of your assets no matter how big or how valuable.

Our specialist storage facilities are temperature and humidity controlled to ensure that all items are perfectly stored and taken care of whilst they’re under our roof.

asset track management system

Asset Management

Our Asset Track Management System gives you full visibility and transparency of all your assets at any given time to aid traceability. Managing complex assets is what we do!

Dependall - picking and packing a despatch

Project Management

The efficiency of order fulfilment is essential, but so is the ability to plan accurately and meet commitments. We know this is important and pride ourselves on delivering accuracy with speed.

Dependall, Swinton Works, Rotherham

Hard Standing Storage

With 322,000 sq.ft of tarmacked hard standing storage with an efficient one-way system in place around site to support traffic flow. Dependall has ample room for goods of any size.

Dependall - Low Bay Racking

General Storage

We have 700,000² feet of racked storage space ranging from 1.3m, 1.5m, 1.6m & 1.7m across both High Bay and Low Bay as well as internal floor space and external yard opportunities, for all sizes of goods and pallets.

Our testimonials

Over the past few weeks you and your team have done a fantastic job of keeping supplies of goods, materials and essential equipment moving at pace. The delivery of this hospital could not have been achieved without your individual and team contribution, without your positive attitude or without you adapting quickly to our changing and increasing demands. You aligned yourselves perfectly to our needs and ambitious timeline. Thank you.

When you reflect both now and over time you should be extremely proud of the way you ‘stepped up', the way you worked and what you have achieved.

Andrew P.
Managing Director
Very efficient, and a joy to work with! Thank you.
John D.

Let's talk about your storage needs

Dependall caters to your distribution needs so you don’t need to worry about the logistics. Our dedicated team can put together customised solutions, so every step of the storage and transportation of your goods is taken care of.

With our specialist storage and expertise in asset management, Dependall is the dependable solution for you.